What Type of Fairy are You - Good, Naughty, or Evil?

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Do you love Faries? Have you ever wondered if your "good, bad, or naughty?" Luckily for you, this quiz is both of those combined! Find out what kind of Fairy you are in this quiz!

The quiz: "What Type of Fairy are You - Good, Naughty, or Evil?" is fun and humorous. The quiz is simple - go through the questions, and find out if you are the Sweet Fairy, the Tricky Fairy, or the Wicked Fairy!

Created by: RedPanda
  1. Your working on a test in school. You notice the person next to you copy your answers! What do you do?
  2. What sounds like the best thing to do if you were at recess at school?
  3. Do you think of yourself as better than your friends?
  4. What kind of color is your favorite color?
  5. Pick an animal companion out of the following:
  6. Which of these quotes is your favorite?
  7. Pick a place o go on vacation.
  8. If you could have any of the pets below, what would it be?
  9. Pick a color
  10. Last question: Do you think you can answer this riddle? You walk into a room that contains a match, a lamp, a candle, and a fireplace. What would you light first?
  11. The answer to the last one was: "The Match."

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Quiz topic: What Type of Fairy am I - Good, Naughty, or Evil?