What Tinkerbell fairy category do you fall into?

What fairy are you? A tinker, a garden fairy, a water fairy, a animal fairy, a snow or ice fairy, a fast flyer, a scout fairy, or a music fairy? Find out by taking this quiz!

Thank you to The Disney fairy wikia for helping me research for this quiz. Without this site, It would have been impossible to make this quiz. Here's the exact link: [no urls]:Talents (no blackmailing in the comments)

Created by: lovetakes2
  1. You're born! The first sound you hear is a baby's first laugh. What did the laugh sound like? (2 parts)
  2. Question 3 continued
  3. You are taken to a mysterious place called pixie hollow. You are given wings to fly. You see all kinds of items on tables. Which one do you pick?
  4. Question 5 continued
  5. What color of these do you like?
  6. Question 7 continued
  7. You are all dressed! Time to go to work! Your work consists of:
  8. Question 9 continued
  9. That was a fun, adventures day! Now you go to your house. Before you go to bed you:
  10. Question 11 continued
  11. What fairy is your favorite?
  12. Question 12 continued
  13. Where do you want to live
  14. Question 15 continued
  15. Bye!

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Quiz topic: What Tinkerbell fairy category do I fall into?