What type of fairy are you?

There are water fairy sand other.fairys are mythical creatures that live in the wild no one has seen them or so we think they can fly and they are small.

What type of fairy could you be there are a few you could be please be nice this is my first quiz oh and be honest on this quiz it will be easy to get your true result thank you.

Created by: Destiny4u2y of Idk.com
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  1. Hey! How are you?
  2. Your best friend tells everyone who your crush is.you?
  3. Your family is going on a trip to somewhere you don't want to go to. You?
  4. Your crush stares at you and when you look at him he looks Away. You?
  5. What color is your hair?
  6. Favorite song?
  7. Favorite color?
  8. Boom what!
  9. Favorite animal?
  10. Do you believe in faires?
  11. What flower is your fav in this list
  12. Second to last question!!do you like boys?
  13. Where do you wanna live
  14. Here are you results!

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Quiz topic: What type of fairy am I?