what mythical creature are you??

There are HEAPS of mythical creatures out there... so have you even wondered "hey, what one am i?" well i have too! so come and take this quiz! you wont be dissapointed!

Are you an Elf, Vampire, Siron or maybe even a fairy? take this quiz to discover you true calling! In just a few minutes you will discover the unknown of what you are! LOL

Created by: nicole2553
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your personality like?
  2. what is your favourite color?
  3. favourite food???
  4. favourite subject in school (when you were in school)
  5. whats most importants to you?
  6. what element do you think is the best?
  7. choose one...
  8. pick a number
  9. what result would you like to get??
  10. did you enjoy this quiz? (i hope you did!!!!) (Note: your answer will not effect your result

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Quiz topic: What mythical creature am I??