What type of dog should you get?

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Lots of people have lots of dogs. But some people do not know what type of dog they get, they think this one is too big or this one is too small, THEY JUST CANT DECIDE!!!

Do you know what type of dog would best fit you? maybe you want a playful dog but not to playful or a good guard dog but too aggressive. you will might not get you're favorite dog, but it is just a quiz it is just for fun.

Created by: Caleb

  1. what size of dog do you want?
  2. what color of dog do you want?
  3. what would you want you're dogs personality to be?
  4. what type of dog do you want?
  5. If you answered other to number 6 please choose one of these.
  6. are you allergic to fur?
  7. do you want a guard dog (that would probably bit someone?)
  8. would you like a good herd dog?
  9. Do you prefer Long hair or short hair
  10. would you want you're dog to be good with other animals?
  11. Did you like this quiz?
  12. this quiz is over, please comment!

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Quiz topic: What type of dog should I get?