What Breed Of Dog Are You?

People always wonder, if I was a dog what type of breed would I be? A blood hound, poodle, rot- wheeler, pug? You can't really know. But this is the test that could tell you for once and for all!

Are you even meant to be a dog? Well if you weren't, you would not be doing this quiz. And for the record a dog is meant to be a loyal friend and if this is not you stop right now! Jk, anyways you will find out in a minute!

Created by: the best name

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like mud?
  2. Are you up to date with this months fashion?
  3. Do you like the outdoors?
  4. Do you prefer music or sport?
  5. Meat eater or vegitarian.
  6. What color eyes do you have?
  7. Which of these is your favorite color?
  8. Are you getting bored?
  9. What dog would you prefer to be?
  10. What is your Favorite drink?

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Quiz topic: What Breed Of Dog am I?