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  • 90% i must be a better guy than i thought i would ever be huh lolz

    Dark Vladimir
  • I feel a little offended by the results of my test :( I said i was being honest (which I am, as always) and the test results say that I'm I liar -_- wtf....and no, I tell my girlfriend what I honestly think, not what she "wants to hear". It just so happens that sometimes what she wants to hear IS what I think. ...

  • Thanks! (I know the link on this quiz doesnt work, but it's really mine)... I tried to make it as realistic as I could... My bf took it and he got lover and awkward.... SOOO true :P

  • I got lover;) that would be me with my boy:D (yup imma girl)

  • Took this for my crush. He's kinda a jerk sometimes, because he doesn't understand girls. He scored ackward one, then player, then jerk. Sooooooo fitting!!!! It's scary how accurate his score was. Great quiz!!!


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