What type of body do you like?

What is the body of your dreams? Take this quiz and you will discover the truth of the matter. Do you like the athletic body time, or are you more inclined to flesh a little more complicated?

This quiz is very accurate and will not lie to you. My questions are based upon psycho analyses and will prove to be very effective. I suggest and hope you enjoy taking this quiz.

Created by: Jack
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  1. Do you love a well put together body, a body you could admire all day and night?
  2. Do you love a very artistic and radiant body, a body that could stir your very nerves?
  3. Do you love a body that has been ravaged by both man and best, a body that could be found in any stripper joint on the east side of town?
  4. Do you love a body that has never been touched, a body has the virginity of the ages?
  5. Do you love a sensual and experienced body, one that has touched many minds and souls?
  6. Do you love a largely portioned person of delight?
  7. Do you admire a thin structure?
  8. Tell me, do you love the athletic type?
  9. Does the word "sexy" mean anything to you?
  10. Do you like the confident type?
  11. Do you like tan individuals?
  12. Do you like pale individuals?
  13. Do you like blondes or brunettes?
  14. Do you admire someone of artistic vision?
  15. Do admire someone is well endowed?

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Quiz topic: What type of body do I like?