What Type Of Body Do You Have??

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Yeah um hi this quiz is on body types but that's kind of obvious by the title so I wouldn't even bother reading this paragraph and get on with the quiz cos ill just ramble and bore you to death :)

Okay please don't read this and just start the quiz it really is a complete waste of your life this paragraph. Okay if your still reading now please consider your wasting precious seconds of your life :)

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. What is your body shape?
  2. Are your hips wider or narrower than your shoulders?
  3. Are your shoulders wider or narrower than your hips? (Basically the same thing but just answer)
  4. Leg length?
  5. What's your ratio of muscle to fat?
  6. Which word describes you best?
  7. Which best describes your arms and legs?
  8. Please consider, I do not actually know your body type and don't mean to cause offence to anyone this is simply a rough estimation based on your answers :) Thank you for listening to my long posh dried out speech ;)
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Quiz topic: What Type Of Body do I Have??