What Type Of a Sikh Are You?

Lets get the party started so. This is a quiz to figure out how much of a Sikh are you. The results are in my opinion so that it may be wrong in real but I am sure that they are correct. That's it I'm... That was a lot right, right?

Are you a Sikh? You can find out in this quiz!! Only a few answers are from your results that tells you if your a true Sikh or not! So if you want to find out, this is the quiz for you.

Created by: Tejpal mann

  1. How many times do you do nitnem or meditation a week( nitnem = daily Sikh meditation )?
  2. Do you have a girl/boy friend?
  3. Do you believe in god?
  4. Do you have five kakars of Sikhism or are amrit shak?
  5. Can you control your temper?
  6. Are you horny? ( be honest no 1s looking not even me )?
  7. Do you get along with EVERY 1 ?
  8. Are you holy? Hehe?
  9. Do you like to listen and learn about Sikh history?
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of a Sikh am I?