What twist would turnout?

The questions on this quiz are based on the anime "Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey)". If you've already watched the anime, then answering it would be simrple.

A twisted way of thinking is needed to answer this quiz. Try how much you can find connections between two complete different ideas and you might find the correct answer.

Created by: KitsuneKuramu42

  1. In a country where people are allowed to kill, what would happen?
  2. In a country which is actually a boat falling apart with leaks, destroyed infrastructure, always rumbling and no food except for a few fishes, what would happen?
  3. In a country with the most advanced technology allowing robots to fulfill the role of an actual person, what would happen?
  4. In a country where no one needs to communicate and interact because what they feel is transmitted directly to others, what would happen?
  5. In a country full of liars who lies every time with batting an eye or showing any signs that would prove otherwise, what would happen?
  6. In a country of adults where kids are literally born to succeed either of their parent's job giving them no right to choose their own future and give the adults the right to kill their own child when they don't do as they're told, what would happen?
  7. In a country where everything is decided through majority vote and is followed by everyone, what would happen?
  8. In a country where everything is centered to building a large tower said to be the pillar holding the sky in its place leaving no concern for anything else, what would happen?
  9. In a country where 3 railworkers where one cleans the rails, followed by one who removes the rails and someone who installs new rails in the last making all their work useless, what would happen?
  10. In a country where every book from around the world can be found and the only way to borrow a book is in exchange for another book, what would happen?
  11. In a country where everyone who visits will find it unforgettable after they leave, what would happen?
  12. In a country where books from around the world can be found, what would be considered as the book which would contain everything about anything?
  13. In a country where inactive weapons are left laying on the streets but doesn't want its citizens to face war, what would happen?
  14. In a country where any citizen who commits an unforgivable crime such as killing a whole class of students which instead of being imprisoned or killed is treated as a victim, what would happen?
  15. In a country where magic is considered to be real, what would happen?

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