What tribe form Wings of Fire do you belong in?

You've just read the Wings of Fire series, and loved it! All the dragon tribes are just so cool! But... the quiz you saw before asks questions like, "What's your favorite color?" And has obvious answers such as, "Earth brown; purple and black; Rainbow!; sandy yellow and tan white!" Does that even have anything to do with your personality? Who's favorite colors are those, anyway?

So what tribe ARE you from? Find out through the thing shows in each different tribe: personality and choices! (Hopefully you're a SandWing, like me!)

Created by: The-Half-Empty-Cat
  1. Would you consider yourself a introvert or an extrovert?
  2. Do you care about your appearance?
  3. Are you short-tempered?
  4. You're going shopping. What might you buy?
  5. Favorite genre of music of these?
  6. What's more important in a relationship?
  7. Someone just told you a rather juicy secret. What will you do?
  8. Favorite genre of book?
  9. Your friend is over for the night. What do you do together?
  10. Which is your favorite social media website?

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Quiz topic: What tribe form Wings of Fire do I belong in?