which of my made-up wings of fire tribes are you

do you like wings of fire? do you want to find out what tribe you are? are you bored of the old 7 tribes? then do this quiz and find out which one of my tribes you are.

you'll be given 16 questions to decide which one of 6 tribes you will be. you'll be a cloudwing, prismwing, deathwing, poisonwing, woodwing, or a groundwing. will you get the one you want? take this test to find out.

Created by: tabitha
  1. what word draws your attention?
  2. what type of queen would you follow?
  3. where would you live? (if you could live there)
  4. whats your favourite colour?
  5. as a dragon what would you do for a living?
  6. if you were dragon in a war. what sort of alliance would you chose?
  7. if you were a dragon queen what would your palace be made of?
  8. you have been given an assassination job on a strong dragon general. how will you kill them?
  9. how will you describe yourself? (be honest)
  10. you see another dragon you don't know. what do you do?
  11. as a dragon what would you hunt/eat
  12. how awesome are you?
  13. what would be your dragon power?
  14. whats your favourite season?
  15. whats your favourite time of day?
  16. what name best suits a lavawing?
  17. do you want to see your dragon? (this won't effect your score)

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