Which Wings of Fire tribe are you?

⚠WARNING⚠ INCLUDES SPOILERS FOR BOOK ELEVEN ONWARDS. In Wings of Fire, there are several tribes containing several species. All of them are different with unique interests and personalities. Let's see which one you are! :D

I hope you are happy with your result! You can always retake the quiz. I also recommend reading the Wings of Fire book series so you know more about the tribes. Have fun! :D

Created by: BloopyMango_OWO
  1. If you were a dragon, where would you live?
  2. What food do you like?
  3. What powers would you want as a dragon?
  4. Which trait do you think you have most?
  5. Does culture have a significant role in life.
  6. What is your opinion on physical fighting?
  7. Are you big or small?
  8. What is most appealing to you.
  9. Which of these is the best hobby?.
  10. Which of these do you value most?

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Quiz topic: Which Wings of Fire tribe am I?