What to do if your friend likes your crush

Does your friend like your crush? Are you confused and not sure what do do? Are scared that if you make the wrong move you might hurt your crush or loose your friend?

Never fear, this quiz is here! This quiz will help you and guide you through what should you do if your friend likes your crush. Written for people with this problem by people that have had this problem.

Created by: Helen
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  1. How do get along with your friend?
  2. How do you get along with your crush?
  3. Does your friend often flirt with your crush?
  4. Does your crush like your friend?
  5. Does your friend talk to your crush a lot?
  6. Are you a jealous person?
  7. Does your friend know they like your crush?
  8. Can you except the fact that's your friend likes your crush?
  9. After you found out your friend likes your crush you....
  10. Does your friend know you like your\their crush?

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Quiz topic: What to do if my friend likes my crush