what tiger is ment for you from tigers curse?

Ok if you like the Tiger's Curse Seires by Colleen Houck Then you will love this quiz. if you dont you won't really understand this. But if you need a book to read it is a really good book/ seires! Even if you haven't read the book it is a cool out come!

I made this quiz because i was annouded that no one had made one. well know someone has! If you like tigers any way you would love the book/seires and this quiz! Good luck! Hope you like it! :D

Created by: stephanie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you adventurest?
  2. What is Your Fav Color
  3. What do you do with free time?
  4. what is most important
  5. what do you consider yourself as?
  6. what is your fav animal
  7. what is your ideal place to live?
  8. if you went on facation who would you go with
  9. do you prefure
  10. witch do you prefure

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