What the hell why not

Here's a quiz about me. Take it. I'm supposed to make this so many characters long so it's going to be long and stupid for me to repeat saying here's a quiz about me so you should take it. Still not long enough? Damn. Ok fine, well this should JUST about be long enough by now? For crying out loud no it's not. Well I hope after you see/read this you still want to take my quiz. You have GOT to be kidding me. It has to be at least so many characters by now!

Do you think you know me? Let's see how well you do! Ok I'm trying to continue from the last paragraph into this one. I think it's silly we have to describe all this in at LEAST 150 words, why not give the option to do 1 character if we really want to? Seems silly. ANyways, take my quiz still!

Created by: Nichole H

  1. What color are my eyes?
  2. What is my Mother's first name?
  3. What year did I graduate from high school?
  4. Who's really going to win the Stanley Cup this year?
  5. What do I have tattooed on my toes?
  6. What brand of cigarettes do I smoke?
  7. What is my biggest fear?
  8. What is my favorite scent?
  9. What is my favorite movie classified under?
  10. What is my maiden name?
  11. What do I collect?
  12. What year was I born?
  13. What drink do I always order at the bar?
  14. Am I left handed or right handed?
  15. From what do I suffer?
  16. What is my favorite TV show?
  17. What kind of guns do I like to shoot?
  18. What meat do I really hate?
  19. Who was my first writing influence?
  20. What is my favorite hobby?
  21. Did you get a Christmas card from me last year?
  22. Where is the giant shrine of the Guadelupe?
  23. What time do I get up in the morning?
  24. What is the last movie I pumped to everyone?
  25. Who's the hottest SNL star ever?
  26. Who is on my desktop picture?
  27. What is my least favorite chore?
  28. Seriously, who is going to win the Stanley cup this year?
  29. Which of the following is NOT a tattoo I have?
  30. What would I rather do?
  31. Are you pissed you took this?

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