How poor are you

Some people ar broke in this world.Im just a teenage girl tryin to find out if you are or not.People started becoming broke way back when some people wa s stuck riding hores while other people up graded to get fuel operated cars.Just like in the hood and everywhere else people ar really broke as hell

Now the question is are you broke as hell i not well what can i say im iight so u take ur own test and find will not be broke i can see it you will not be rich u r not iight but you r broke as hell n im mean like at rock bottom bo hahahaha

Created by: Shemeka

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What are you riding in
  2. what do u talking on
  3. What you drink
  4. What u listen to
  5. where do u work
  6. what r u
  7. do you have a bed
  8. do you prefer paper or plastic or leather
  9. R u ready
  10. tyme get ur choices have fun

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Quiz topic: How poor am I