What Superpower Suits You Best?

It would be really cool having Superpowers! In every superhero movie there is a different type of power and it varies on the type person you are, so it'd be cool to take a quiz to see watch kind of power yo'd most likely have.

In movies, people who are like really into sports usually end up getting a superpower that can help them in what they do. like Superspeed, in Track and Field.

Created by: Jose
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you play any sports?
  2. What do you prefer to do on weekends?
  3. Would you be a villian or hero?
  4. What would you use your power for?
  5. What do you consider yourself?
  6. You're walking down the street and you see somebody getting jumped, what do you do?
  7. Who would you tell about your power?
  8. I would prefer ________ kind of power!
  9. Would you wear a costume?
  10. Did you like this Quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Superpower suits me Best?