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  • Your Result: You Are A Dark Pixie 85%

    You are into black eye liner, black lipstick, and everything black. You love to wear black dresses if you are a girl, perferably minis. If you are a guy, you love to wear bagged out clothing, but all black. You love the feeling of flying, but be careful to not crash into anything!

    58% You Are A Dark Mermaid
    55% You Are A Dragon
    48% You Are A Ghoul
    44% You Are A Vampire
    27% You Are A Werewolf

    Your Result: You Are A Dragon 60%

    You love to fly, and often you dream of soaring with brilliant wings. You love the out doors and nature. You are smart and cunning, but you acn't stand nbeing alone. You havce to be with someone.

    54% You Are A Ghoul
    50% You Are A Dark Mermaid
    48% You Are A Werewolf
    46% You Are A Vampire
    24% You Are A Dark Pixie

  • Your Result: You Are A Vampire

    You are cunning, devious, skillfull, and smart. You know what to do in rough times, but only take care of yourself. You are a bit of a loner. you love black and red, and hate the light.


  • Whoa, I'm a vampire! I KNEW IT! EVERY SINGLE QUIZ I TAKE ON SUPERNATURALS, I ALWAYS GET VAMPIRE!!! I do have incredibly sharp teeth...


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