What Style of Fighting is for You?

Everbody needs to know how to defend themselvs or even not be crushed when ther horsing around with friends. the first step to learing how to fight is knowing what style is right for you. this is the quiz that will tell you that.

this quiz was created with the latetest knowledge in martial combat, remember there are no wrong answers. so chose the answer that comes most natrually to you.

Created by: tony

  1. If you could look ahead and avoid one that would happen to you in a fight, what would it be. (chose the most relevent answer)
  2. What is your best qaulity in a fight? (chose the most relevent answer)
  3. If you made a promise to only fight over really important things, what would that thing be? (chose the most relevent answer)
  4. Theoretically, what would be easyest to fight?
  5. In your opinion, which of the options is most important in a fight?
  6. How many fight's have you been in?
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  9. Do you have faith in that this quiz will help you? (this will affect your outcome)
  10. Remeber: there are no wrong answers. this is an apptitude test, not a exam. so go back and change all of your answers to your gut feeling if you haven't already. (your answer will not affect your score)

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