What Style Of Dance Is Best For You?

There are many styles of dance. Everyone is good at different styles of dance. They are all different. Some are bigger and bolder, while others are graceful and elegant. Some need acting others need strong arms and legs. You have to find the best style of dance for you. Personally, I like ballet, lyrical, and hip hop. This quiz might help you find the perfect style.

Which style of dance is best for YOU? This quiz does not include acro because it wouldn't let me add it in. Please remember to try other styles like ballet because it is the foundation of dance and it will help you greatly. So maybe the style of dance I suggest for you isn't the perfect one? Try some more out and keep looking for the perfect one. No all styles of dance is in this quiz because there are hundreds. So please try this quiz out!!!

Created by: Marissa
  1. When you are on stage you want to:
  2. You want your costume to:
  3. Your favorite style of dance to watch is:
  4. On a scale of 1-5 (1- low & 5-high) when dancing how much makeup are you willing to wear?
  5. How many extra hours of practice per week are you willing to put in? (Stretching, going over routines, practicing skills, etc.)
  6. If you continue dance what would you want to do?
  7. When someone watches you dance you want them to think:
  8. If you watch Dance Moms with types of dance do you like to watch: (If you don't watch Dance Moms press "none" if won't effect your results)
  9. Do you do dance? Will you after this test? Yes or No?
  10. Did you like this quiz? Would you like more dance quizzes? In this quiz there is no acro because it wouldn't let me add any more options. Thank you!!!

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