How well do u know dance moms?

Please take this quiz! All the questions r based on the dance mom girls. Please don't cheat by looking up the answers or watching dance moms please. It won't be to hard.

Are YOU a dance moms genius? Do u have enough dance mom knowledge for this? Check to find out by taking the quiz! Until now you'll just wonder. If you take this quiz you'll find out in a matter of minutes.

Created by: Lexi

  1. When did Chloe leave
  2. What is the original team?
  3. What is maddie's middle name
  4. What is mackenzies middle name
  5. Who is Mackenzie's middle name named after
  6. What is mackenzies favorite color
  7. What is mackenzies favorite food
  8. Who is the only OG left on the team
  9. What is Nia's best genre
  10. How old were Maddie and Mackenzie when they started dancing for Abby
  11. What was maddie's first solo on the show
  12. What was mackenzies first solo on the show

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