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  • Hi Hi! Well, you asked for my other quizzes, so here they are. If you're interested, play them, please!

    "Who are you in your circle of friends?"
    "What's your worst quality?"
    "How well do you know the House of Night?"
    "Which Pretty Little Liar are you?"
    "Canadian or American?"
    "Could you pass the 7th grade?(Canada)"

    Hope you like them: Ciao! ;)

    Nikki_Knox Jun 23 '11, 3:38PM
  • Just played it, awesome quiz Nikki if you have any more then try to send them to me or whatever

    malonewashere May 30 '11, 9:09PM
  • Good quiz... ARE YOU BORED? If so, then please,check out my quiz:

    "Would you survive the end of the world?"

    I promise you won't regret it!

    Nikki_Knox May 30 '11, 8:16PM
  • im the thief

    TheDev4sion May 28 '11, 1:21PM
  • You're the smooth thief chracter

    You're a thief so of course you steal, and have to be a real charmer, and people eventually find out the true you. You're very sly and smooth. Despite spreading havoc across town you mean well, and end up getting the girl in the end.

    This is me down to the T. wow didnt expect a quiz to be accurate

    Tazura92 May 25 '11, 3:33PM
  • I'm the dreamer girl
    SO RGIHT!!
    my frnds always call me 'the dreamer' :)

    Wooden Bridge May 25 '11, 5:47AM
  • I'm the dreamer girl... in my own little world ^^ ladidadida

    xxblutixx May 24 '11, 10:19PM
  • I'm the wise person... I thought I'd be the strong girl :P

    StormcloudIris May 24 '11, 5:32PM
  • i'm the dreamer girl humpf

    unicornfan May 24 '11, 5:30PM
  • Thanks guys! This was my first quiz ever, maybe i'll make more

    malonewashere May 24 '11, 12:07PM
  • my result:the hero :D
    awesome quiz :)...make more :)

    Demontheangel May 24 '11, 6:07AM
  • The dreamer girl..... That seems like me....

    Selena112 May 23 '11, 10:34PM
  • Strong Girl. Hmm... fits. good job.:)

    madid May 23 '11, 5:29PM
  • villain, hahahahahaha

    XxxxMiaxxxX May 23 '11, 4:09PM
  • The comedian relief sidekick

    You dont usually serve much purpose then to just crack some jokes once in a while, you help your pal to get through hard times and you say the jokes on the wrong situations. But this character maybe important to the main character, and you guys may form a strong bond towards the end.

    omg!! this IS soooo me!! ...wow... your awesome! i love this quiz! xD

    pkiera75 May 23 '11, 3:36PM

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