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  • Pretty Cool iGuess.. When iWas Younger iWas Called "Emo" All The Time...Any Way... This Is Me Guessing... You Have AWESOME Colorful Hair, You Wear Black EyeLiner...And You Like Moshing... Look iDont Even Know You Im Just Guessing...

    No I have natural hair, not allowed makeup and yeah you can't assume i look like that >.

  • Emo and lovin' it. I am more boyish because I don't care for make-up of any kind and I am still wearing my sneakers from last year.

  • I don't like makeup and natural hair, da?...but I guess I should say I'm glad I got 'emo'

    unknown member
  • I ALWAYS get called Emo but.. I'm not .-. Anywho, nice quiz:D


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