what state r you REALLY from?

whether you are from new jersey or new york, washington or wyoming, montana or mississippi, there lies a heart for another state within you. ive only picked 4 states but which 4 of these are yyou really from? this quiz is kinda lame i must admit lolol.

in these 12 simple questions you will find out if youre really from texas, louisiana, florida, or california. please dont blow ony uiz i know it sucks. i just got really bored. well anywhoo, go ahead fire away at these 12 questions and find out what state u r REALLY from!

Created by: Milk N Cookies

  1. what is your idea of relaxation?
  2. what country has the best cuisine out of these?
  3. which sounds the funnest out of these?
  4. what color do u like best of these?
  5. what type of weather do u like?
  6. which of these celebrities do you like most?
  7. which style of house do you like best?
  8. which sounds the most appetizing?
  9. which of state these would u like to visit?
  10. was this quiz lame(no effect)

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