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  • What Starbucks Frappe Are You?
    Your Result: Red Velvet 74%

    You are red velvet frappe! You are edgy, sarcastic, and popular. You live for fashion, but are also quite witty. You love Starbucks, and could always go for a Grande. You love music, and your perfect day includes a trip to the movies.

    55% S'mores
    46% Cinnamon
    45% Mocha
    38% Cotton Candy
    9% Oreo

  • What Starbucks Frappe Are You?
    Your Result: S'mores 79%

    You are smores frappe! You are fun, stylish, and popular. You are clever and smart. You make friends with everyone you meet, and are adventurous. You are great to be around, and you are incredibly social.

    74% Cinnamon
    72% Cotton Candy
    67% Red Velvet
    34% Oreo

  • Smores


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