What Sport Should You Play?

Many athletes don't know how to perform to their full potential. Perhaps it is because they are playing the wrong sport. It is very hard to be an all-around athlete.

Are you playing the right sport? Discover what sports you would be great at by testing yourself to see what you are skilled at. Hard work is important, but natural talent helps.

Created by: Ted

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How would you describe your physical condition?
  2. Do you have good hand-eye coordination?
  3. Do you prefer fast-paced activities or slow-paced activities?
  4. Do you like planning activities ahead of time or do you like making decisions instantly?
  5. How much importance do you place on athletics?
  6. What level of competition would you prefer to play at?
  7. What race would you perform the best at?
  8. What is your favourite activity out of the following?
  9. Do you prefer individual sports or team sports?
  10. What is your favourite sport?

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Quiz topic: What Sport should I Play?