How Dedicated Of Athlete Are You?

Hundreds of thousands of kids play sports, but some take athletics truly to heart, and some just do it for the social experience or sometimes it seems just to purposely screw up the team.

Which type of athlete are you? Many people want to believe they have what it takes, but do you? Are you state champ material, or would the team be better off without you?

Created by: Zach
  1. Out of a 5 day practice week, how many do you normally attend? (be honest!)
  2. When attending practice do you often sit out icing an "injury"
  3. Do people call you "athletic"
  4. How is your or your team's record usually?
  5. Does your team look to you as an example during practice?
  6. How often do you carry on a conversation during practice?
  7. Do you yell at the team a lot during practice and help run practice?
  8. Have you ever gone to practice so early it was still dark out?
  9. Do you run, do pushups, lift, etc. To keep in shape for your sport?
  10. Do you practice your sport on at least an average weekly basis in the offseason?
  11. Would you rather win a state championship or date Jessica Simpson?

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Quiz topic: How Dedicated Of Athlete am I?