What type of athlete are YOU

Are you a good athlete,or are you just a lazy guy who spends his time watching television. All you have to to is practice. And I mean practice. An athlete is a guy who plays a sport.

If your strong,your good. Be strong, fast, and skilled. You want to eat healthy. There are many sports in the world, but the only ones in this quiz are football, baseball, and basket ball.

Created by: Nicholas Randal

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of these are you best at
  2. Which of these do you think your best at handling
  3. How nice are you
  4. How often do you have fastfood
  5. which of these teams do you like best
  6. If you randomly pulled something out of your closet, which of these is most likely to be picked
  7. How patient are you
  8. Do you like this quiz
  9. What do you think your best at
  10. How do you treat nerds

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Quiz topic: What type of athlete am I