what sport should i play?

All of you probably know which sports are popular in Canada. You know all of the sports that are not really sports like hockey, baseball, basketball. But what about all the other sports who are popular in the rest of the world.

Take a guess, sports like soccer, ringette, ping pong, RUGBY, cricket, because this is Canada every time I take the quiz "what sport should I play" it never has rugby. But this quiz does! If you have the same problem take this quiz!!

Created by: Mazy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you had a choice you'd go to...
  2. which one of these can you do the best...
  3. are you a girly girl
  4. what is your favorite thing to do from the below?
  5. do you do a lot of exercise?
  6. which sport do you prefer?
  7. what is your favorite activity?
  8. what is your favorite colour?
  9. you can't leave the house without your...
  10. you would never ever in a million years miss....

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