What sport is ment for you?

Today you are goin to find out what sport is right for you. You might think you are a basketballer or a cricketer but today my friends this quiz shall get into your brain and reveal your special gift.

In under 1 minute you will find out what sport is your special gift. I will reveal to you what no other quiz master has ever done. Are you ready. Lets do this!!!

Created by: Barra

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a very active person who like to challenge themselves.
  2. Do you like to be on the move for over 1 hour?
  3. Do you enjoy sports where you have to try and outwit and read the other opponent?
  4. Do you enjoy being in the water?
  5. Do you enjoy hitting balls?
  6. Do you enjoy kicking balls?
  7. Do you rather team or individual sports?
  8. Do you enjoy sports with big or small balls?
  9. Enjoy sports with equipment? eg. Cricket bat
  10. Do you enjoy sports which involve aiming?

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