What Species are You?

This quiz determines how truly human you are. Or maybe your not human at all. This quiz shouldnt be taken too seriously so have fun while taking it. Though it is aimed at girls as the results will prove.

Vampire, Human , or werewolf ? which are you? take this quiz to find out who you most represent...

Created by: Ravenbirdy

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  1. you are told that vampires and werewolves exist by a human how do you react.
  2. you see a human being attacked by a vampire in a dark allyway... you:
  3. dawn is approaching what do you do?
  4. you meet a handsome pale stranger at the bar, he seems interested in you what is your reaction
  5. what is your main hobby
  6. what do you do at night?
  7. You meet a human girl what do you do with her
  8. you are applying for a drivers liscence and you are asked for you age do you...
  9. do you have any family?
  10. would you die for a human you loved
  11. you are in danger what do you do?

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Quiz topic: What Species am I?