Are you a human?

There are many species, but there is only one called the humans that exists.A human is a person of the Homo Sapiens species, which has many special and distinct characteristics. Obviously, aliens are NOT humans.

So, are you a human? Do you have the awesomeness to belong to this species? Well, until now, you wouldn't know, but now you can in JUST 5 minutes! So take this quiz of "Are you a human?" and all your questions will be answered.

Created by: Super Anonymus man!

  1. What color is your skin?
  2. Do you walk on two feet?
  3. Do you speak a language?
  4. How big is your brain?
  5. solve 12x+10y=32 78x+100y=278
  6. Do you live on earth?
  7. Do you wear clothes?
  8. Do you even understand this?
  9. This is a logic test. This statement is false.
  10. What is a hamburger used for?

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Quiz topic: Am I a human?