are you pure monster or just a human

there are many types of creatures which one are you or are you just a human certain creatures can tdo things you can do and even some creatures are just like you curious to finnd out what you are take this test and find out

do you have what it takes to be the the thing you want to be or are you just going to be a regular human take the test you never know you could expect to be one thing and yoou turn out to be another what doyou expect to be what do not expect to be

Created by: mikayla

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  1. have you ever sucked your blood after you got a cut if you have did you like it
  2. if you could be one wich one would you be
  3. do you and/or people describe your looks and you as smooth, bumpy, creative, or normal
  4. do you love meat
  5. do you like your meat with some pink in it or none
  6. have you ever gotten so hot in the sun that yu started hyperventalating
  7. have you ever smelled a strong delicious smell that you didnt know where it came from
  8. has your friends ever caught you making a picture in you notebook that iis the most wwonderful thing he/she has ever seen or have they ever caught you mixing random stuff together
  9. do you everr catch people staring at you like you're crazy and/or beautiful
  10. have you everr hurt someone physically and havnt noticed it
  11. have you ever ran faster than you thought you could go

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Quiz topic: Am I pure monster or just a human