what South Park character are you?

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are you a true South Park fan then take this to see what charctar you are and take the side quiz in this quiz South Park is my life and I hope it's yours too

I bet you will love this quiz if you love South Park my favorite show is South Park AND FORM NOW ON.............,,,,,.............................. IT YOURS TOO

Created by: kenny

  1. what would you do if a man walks up to you on the street
  2. A homeless man ask for Change do you give it to him?
  3. how old are you?
  4. pick one
  5. who do you think you act like (this won't change you score)
  6. yes I knew there was 2 kennys in the last question
  7. what do you think of South Park?
  8. ok the quiz is over but one it's side quiz time HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SOUTH PARK (side quiz will not affect you result)
  9. how old was I when I first seen South Park?
  10. is mr.garrason gay?
  11. witch one is clyde
  12. do you like me?
  13. that's the end of this quiz it was short but I hope you liked it
  14. will you comment and rate?
  15. last question?
  16. do you like farts?

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Quiz topic: What South Park character am I?