What sort of punishment do you deserve?

Uh-oh. Someone is in trouble! Or are you? Maybe you are just here for fun, or maybe you are waiting with dread to see what your punishment will be! Go ahead and start the quiz to see what happens next! If you were really innocent, I hope you can convince the person punishing you of that! Unjust punishments are the worst!

This is meant to be mostly in good fun. If you decided you wanted to use this for some gauze of punishment, either for a real child or for some kinky fun in the bedroom, please know I am not liable.

Created by: Sarah
  1. How old are you?
  2. What did you do to get in trouble?
  3. Who is punishing you?
  4. Are you sorry?
  5. Have you done something like this before?
  6. Did you confess on your own? Or were you caught?
  7. Why did you do it?
  8. How are you usually punished when you do something wrong?
  9. When you were caught and/or lectured, did you throw a tantrum (yell, cuss, hit, ect.)
  10. Just hit continue. I couldn't think of any more questions, but needed to have a minimum of 10

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Quiz topic: What sort of punishment do I deserve?

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