what sort of anime style r u?

anime styles are in every single anime on earth. there is gothic, pink and even random! now, i don't like writing these paragraph things, so i'm going to tell you about my day! well, i had fun, for once...

oh, yay, new paragraph! [sarcasm...] anyway, today i watched heaps of anime movies, like bleach and naruto. i also wrote some more of my OWN mnanga! paragraph ended [yay!]

Created by: gothic anime freak
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. please don't kill me! fave colour? [eep!]
  2. fave flower?
  3. what do u do if someone attacks u on the street?
  4. well, u survived any way [even if u laughed at them!] now, u get home, but to who?
  5. ok this storie sux. it just ended
  6. ur freinds consist of...
  7. how well do u cope in fight situations?
  8. if u die, how will u feel just before?
  9. OK, QUIZ OVER! did u like it
  10. oh, wait, it still won't let me... ok, whats ur favourite thing about life?

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