what sonic game would you like best?

This is the funniest quiz ever i will give u a refund if u don't like it as u can tell im a HUGE sonic fan and my favorite character is Tails The Fox and Tails is a boy!

Are YOU a genius? Am i copyng the example paragraph? Do i have 151 characters yet? Nope only 83 i mean 96 imean 106 i give up enjoy my quiz! And plz comment

Created by: Firestar0226

  1. what is ur favorite mario game out of these?
  2. how many playable characters do u like?
  3. who's your favorite sonic character?
  4. what type of fence do u like best? (sorry that was Fred)
  5. Fred:what's your favorite system? Me: good question Fred
  6. who's ur least favorite sonic character?
  7. Who's the best pokemon? Fred: I thought this was a sonic quiz!
  8. What couple fell into the lake of love on sonic x? Fred: i know it was Mario and princess peach Me: Wrong series Fred
  9. last question, who is Millard Fillmore?
  10. ha i lied this is the last question! Is this a question?
  11. I lied again! what plus root beer = Calvin and hobbes?

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