What Smoothie Are You ?

Smoothies, Oh Smoothies. A Delight To Today's Time and Age. A Wonder To The People of Earth.... Enough of That.... You Wanna Know What Kind of Smoothie You Would Be; I Know You Wanna. Well You've Come To The Right Place.

So.. Which Delicious Delight Will You Be. I Guess You've Got To Wait and See. A Smoothie For You, A Smoothie For Me. Click Those Circles, Choose With Care. 'Cause Telling The Truth is Key. If You Follow These Rules By Me, You Will Reveal The Key. The Key To Yours Truly...Your Smoothie Poem By: Me (Chocolate Coco)

Created by: Chocolate Coco
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How Would Your Friends Describe You
  2. Where Would You Want Go For Vacation
  3. Favorite Food/Drink
  4. What Is Your Favorite Song Out of These
  5. Pick One
  6. What Would Be Your Wish
  7. How Ya Feelin???
  8. What Stage of School Are You In
  9. What Sport Do You Like Best
  10. Did You Like This Quiz? This is my first.

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Quiz topic: What Smoothie am I ?