Which smoothie are you?

Sure we all drink smoothies, many of us multiple times a day, but what smoothie flavor would you use to describe your personality.Which smoothie flavor are you?

Are you Sweet as could be like a strawberry banana smoothie or are you unique and edgy like a mango smoothie? Thanks to this quiz, you will now be able to answer this age old question!

Created by: Kiss of In the mind of Kiss
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  1. Favorite Color Combination?
  2. Favorite Friday night dinner?
  3. Favorite Animal?
  4. Favorite candy?
  5. Favorite subject in school?
  6. Pick a car?
  7. Pick a Disney character?
  8. What dance class would you take?
  9. Choose a fruit?
  10. Choose the best Rugrats character
  11. Why would you watch Despicable Me?

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Quiz topic: Which smoothie am I?