What Small Animal Is the Right Pet for You?

Hello there! Welcome to this quiz. If you are looking for another pet to bring into your home, please consider taking this text. It is short and only ten questions long. I understand these animals and their needs and have contacted other people to make sure the information inside is accurate so this quiz will hopefully help you out!

I hope you enjoy this little test! Please consider checking out my YouTube channel as I create informative content on animal welfare (mainly rabbits, conures, parakeets, and betta fish). Always make sure you do lots of research before buying a pet!

Created by: The Geeko of Please support my YouTube channel!
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  1. What are you looking for in a pet?
  2. How much money are you willing to spend on a new pet?
  3. Do you vet fund and would you be able to pay for vet visits? Note: you should ALWAYS have a vet fund when getting a new pet. They deserve to be as happy and healthy as possible during their time with you.
  4. Are you going to be going off to college? (Currently in high school or taking a gap year)
  5. Many small animals are social and need companionship. Do you only want pet or are you okay with bringing home more?
  6. Are you okay with difficult animal care?
  7. How long are able to look after an animal?
  8. How much time would you be able to spend looking after your animal (cleaning, bonding, etc.)?
  9. How much of a bond do you want to have to your pet? (Also, please keep in mind that all pets will have different personalities.)
  10. How much space do you have for a pet?

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