How should you take care of your pets

You might wonder if your good at taking care of your pet(s). Well now you can, by clicking on this quiz. Even if you don't still take this quiz. So why wait, take this quiz today.

Come on it's just a click away. If you like animals I know you'll like this quiz. It's short, it's fun, and it talks about animals. I know that I would take this quiz.

Created by: Dogcat

  1. Your cat wants you to pet him, what do you do?
  2. You get home from work and your dog wants to go on a walk, what do u do?
  3. You just won a goldfish at a fair. Pick the answer that you would show how excited you are.
  4. Your brother just got a snake. You love snakes and you hate that he has one and you don't. What do you do?
  5. You get an option over getting a pet (any kind of your choice) or a gaming system (any kind of your choice). Which one would you choose?
  6. Now say what kind of pet you want.
  7. Your just got a hamster that is named hamy (sorry that was the first thing I could think of) and you want to change the name. What name would his name be?
  8. Ferret play time! Do you join?
  9. Your mice are bored with their playhouse home. What do you do about it?
  10. Last question and its the most important question. Do you like pets?
  11. Wait just one more thing. DANCE PARTY?

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Quiz topic: How should I take care of my pets