Tournament or Pair Bonding

There are two kinds of people, well.. three. When it comes to relationships, the two kinds of bonding that all animals in the animal kingdom do are tournament bonding, or pair bonding. Humans are unique, in that we are both in different ways, and some of us are more one than the other. Take this quiz to discover your bonding style.

Are you the super alpha tournament bonder, only accepting the most elite partners with your shallow expectations and lack of care for their real soul? Or are you a beta pair bonder who would rather cuddle up and stay at home because you feel cosy and nice? You probably know already, but take this quiz in case you're wrong!

Created by: Scott

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  1. You easily get carried into a sense of competition
  2. You believe each partner should have their own specific roles in the family or home
  3. High drive, and high success is important to you.
  4. You tend to be attracted to very manly men, or very feminine women.
  5. You can easily be swayed toward finding someone else attractive, and then act on that when you are supposed to be in a monogamous relationship.
  6. When your partner is finding another person attractive, how jealous do you tend to feel? (be honest now)
  7. Your partner comes in two hours later than usual, you...
  8. Where are you most likely to discover a potential partner
  9. What do you think is more impressive to your desired partner
  10. I feel very embarrassed if someone out skills me in front of my partner.

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