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  • I got Vanessa and I am SO glad that is not my name. My real name is Faith and it is SO much nicer and fits me SO much better then Vanessa. I really DON'T like the name Vanessa but I love my name!

    Aprilmonth Mar 3 '15, 8:04AM
  • Wow this quiz must be really accurate! I got Mia and my real name is Mia! LOL! that's so funny!! XD

    Celestia Jun 30 '14, 5:16PM
  • yay i got vanessa great quiz btw i luv that name!

    Purple_Skies Jun 28 '12, 12:02AM
  • i got demi

    Lolallday May 7 '12, 4:43PM
  • Haha i got Mia cute name!

    Zia Blackwood Dec 21 '11, 5:08PM
  • I got Brianna.. The second name was Vanessa and that's my actual name soo good job

    VigilVanessa24 Oct 25 '10, 1:41AM
  • oops haha i posted it twice :P

    wannabegoth Nov 28 '09, 2:32PM
  • i got Jenna..thats ok i guess then I tryed it again twice and got Vannessa and Briana

    wannabegoth Nov 28 '09, 2:32PM
  • i got Jenna..thats ok i guess then i tryed again twice and got Vannessa and Briana?

    wannabegoth Nov 28 '09, 2:31PM
  • I got Mia but my real name is Morgan

    jonasluvr Sep 24 '09, 3:45PM
  • I got Mia but my name is Amber.

    Bambi Jun 6 '09, 6:21AM
  • Brianna. my best friend in elemental school was Briana.

    depressedemogirl May 25 '09, 12:35AM
  • OMG!!!!! I got mia, that's my name great quiz!!!!!!!!

    MNZ98 Mar 25 '09, 6:52PM
  • I try again and i'm Brianna.I have an enemy named that...

    xxSICMAGGOTxx Mar 14 '09, 11:27AM
  • haha i dont like it
    i wish my name was rosalie or isabella
    lol hahaaha

    hotii3 Mar 1 '09, 10:54PM
  • it creapy that how i see my self and that how my freinds see me but my favorite naem is Rashel

    nightbight Feb 26 '09, 9:00PM
  • heheh i got Vanessa but my real name is Breanna just like Bree1985, small world..i wonder why i didnt get Brianna..???

    XxLucky_BreexX Feb 25 '09, 7:41PM
  • Ewww thats such an UGLY naem !!

    my naem is better !!

    well ii think iits better !! :)


    REWAKELE Feb 23 '09, 9:35PM
  • I got Brinna . I kinda like that name i rather change my name to it . Can you make fun of Brianna , because you can make fun of Jasmine like Jazz .

    Xy624 Feb 22 '09, 12:54AM
  • I got mia.*sigh*...i would rather have sommin else...a depressive name...yeah.that would fit!

    xxSICMAGGOTxx Feb 17 '09, 2:29PM
  • Coincidently I got Vanessa as my #1 and Diana as my #2 ... both of these are my middle names ...

    Willow18 Feb 16 '09, 12:45PM
  • Awsome I got Brianna that is my loud and obnokshis friend's name I knew her since kindergartin... But she should be a Diana because she's more of a diana then Brianna and she looks like a Diana.

    Niaku Feb 11 '09, 6:53PM

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