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  • AISHLING.........Mm ..soundz Bizarre bt no probs:)

    Suzana Aug 18 '14, 7:17AM
  • i got roseanna and its so like me!

    ilovechocolate May 29 '13, 10:09AM
  • i got roseanna and its so like me!

    ilovechocolate May 29 '13, 10:08AM
  • the peeps who made the quiz are downright uptight!

    mb123 May 2 '13, 6:52PM
  • I got *alanna*
    Wha t
    What the
    What the hell
    U cow ok I dont think I am pretty but that is hurtful saying I am ugly and boys hate me that is s---
    Ok I love being round my friends boys or girls bit there is no need for that I hate this quiz I rate this quiz 0%

    Cherry888 Apr 30 '13, 11:18AM
  • You spelled my husband zayn wrong you spelled it zain

    future ms malik Mar 11 '13, 6:09PM
  • Rosanna. You spelt Zayn wrong its not ZaIn its ZaYn

    cutiey123 Mar 4 '13, 5:33PM
  • My teachers dont EFFIN hate me and im not talkitive
    Im the quietest one in my class and my teachers all love me

    shinedown Feb 23 '13, 6:55PM
  • Its ok i mean my teachers love me and some of the stuff they were talking about i had no idea what it was or she/he was

    Thank you!

    kiley Dec 16 '12, 8:11PM
  • My teachers don't hate me! Bad quiz -_-

    FunnyPerson Nov 1 '12, 6:20PM
  • Me and my friend took this quiz you guys are mean.MY teachers dont hate me and my friend isnt ugly

    username Jun 21 '12, 9:31PM
  • ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!! they lost :(

    CodySimpsonLuv Jan 28 '12, 12:48PM
  • What if we have never heard on 1 direction?!!

    Sparkles6 Jan 26 '12, 10:51PM
  • I hate 1D... -__-

    ShadowTears88 Jan 26 '12, 9:38AM
  • I dont make fun of people and I'm not ugly. That was a mean quiz! D:

    kelseyv Jan 22 '12, 1:14AM
  • i did not like this quiz i think that my name should be danielle

    mitch2 Nov 30 '10, 5:19PM

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