what should your name be

ONE DIRECTION ARE THE HOTTEST PEOPLE EVER.who do you think should win x-factor.liam is hott.zain is hott.harry is hott.louis is hott.naill is hotter.they are so hott.

what name suits you.there is three names.one of them is bad,one is okay and one is good.so which one suits you.are you mean,sporty or adventurous.check here to find out.PLEASE VOTE FOR ONE DIRECTION IN THIS WEEKS X-FACTOR.

Created by: howya123
  1. what are you like around boys
  2. pick a boys name you like
  3. pick a girls name that you like
  4. what type of hair do you have
  5. what colour eyes do you have
  6. what sounds better
  7. what celebrity is hotter
  8. who do you think should win x-factor in 2010
  9. who is the hottest in one direction

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Quiz topic: What should Ir name be