What Should Your Man's Secret Code Name/ Nickname Be?

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Have you ever needed to talk to someone about your man, but he was too close so he might hear you? Take this quiz and you will have a nickname so nobody knows what you are talking about!

What should YOU name your man? What should his secret code name or nickname be?? Want to find out, take our super awesome totally fantastic supersonic sparkly quiz!! LOL :)

Created by: kaylee and nicci of Explore Talent
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  1. How well would you say you know your man?
  2. What's is your man's favorite color?
  3. What is your man's favorite food?
  4. His favorite drink?
  5. What's is his type/style?
  6. Do you often forget things he tells you?
  7. Is he younger or older than you?
  8. His favorite sport?
  9. Is he taller or shorter than you?
  10. Do you already have a nickname for him?
  11. What does the first letter of his name start with?
  12. Did you like our quiz??

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Quiz topic: What should Ir Man's Secret Code Name/ Nickname Be?