What is your Military nickname?

In this quiz you will have to answer 12 questions. These questions will be the test to see what your military nickname should be. Are you ready for this test?

Are you really? If so good luck and I hope you get a good military nickname that you think suits you and you like. Some people might think the military is cool and some may think it isn't that good.

Created by: Maddocks
  1. What is your weapon of choice?
  2. You are pinned down under fire and you see your friend get hit, what do you do?
  3. What is your preferred skill set?
  4. You are in battle and you get shot in the leg, what do you do?
  5. What do you prefer on you head in battle?
  6. What camo would you prefer to wear in battle?
  7. What would you equip on you weapon?
  8. What would you do in your spare time?
  9. How do you say hello to someone when you meet them?
  10. What is your gender? Male or Female?

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Quiz topic: What is my Military nickname?