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  • so inaccurate! i would NEVER, EVER dress up as something that's a human-look-a-like for Halloween! where's the werewolf on this??

    LokiCat Aug 13 '15, 4:24AM
  • It said I should be a PIRATE!!!!!!!!!!!

    PJO_HP_LOTR Mar 29 '12, 4:04PM
  • it said zombie... i wanna be a half-dead gothic fairy... kinda ... close .. and far away at the same time xD 8/10

    rubyring123 Oct 24 '10, 9:52PM
  • NEVER!!!!!!! i HATE fairys i am going as a dead actres!

    Tazipan Oct 24 '10, 6:58AM
  • hahahaha i was a witch last year...this year me and my friends are gunna be ninjas..HI-YA! :P

    butterfingers Oct 23 '10, 2:35AM
  • I'm going to be a Jrock/Harajuku style zombie :)

    Anastasia Oct 19 '10, 5:13PM
  • prison/jail guard, well um.... all the same, thnks fr ur advice.

    Herwe123 Oct 19 '10, 11:49AM
  • Lotte98 is right Vampires Rock

    Fearless1111 Oct 15 '10, 8:00AM
  • yes!!!!!!!!!! zombie!!!!!!! i love zombies!!!!!!

    skittles15 Oct 14 '10, 9:25PM
  • h

    Kattie1999 Oct 14 '10, 6:44PM
  • WTF happened to being a vampire for Halloween? That;s I;m gonna be! f--- being a zombie!

    Lotte98 Oct 14 '10, 5:22PM
  • Arianna's sister she can see it if she takes this quiz again

    lilfreakgryl Oct 11 '10, 2:16AM
  • I'm ariana1222's little sister, I got a fairy. In the last comment, I know this because I can see it, ariana1222 got a witch. Please don't tell her I was on!

    ariana1222 Oct 10 '10, 8:46AM
  • I got a witch. I was a witch for about five years in a row. I want to be something else for a change. Last year, I was the devil's oldest daughter. My little sister was the devil's youngest daughter, last year.

    ariana1222 Oct 10 '10, 8:42AM
  • Prison/Jail Guard? No thanks, I'mma be Dess the Polymath from the Midnighters for Halloween.

    Carri04 Oct 10 '10, 4:20AM
  • Im going to be Ryuk from Death Note For Halloween.

    tro Oct 9 '10, 12:50PM

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